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curved screen

curved screens



180 and 360 degree curved video screens

In-House Advertising

Technical Specs

Trade Shows

Curved Screens
custom sizes

RETAIL Advertising

Sebring Video Trucks

Mobile Advertising
Mobile Video Trucks
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Mobile Video Truck Advertising
We can build video screens on your truck


globe domes

180 degree Cinema Screens

Cinema Screens


...........Video Screens Inc. ...........Video Projection Screen... Manufacturer
Digital Sign Manufacturer Electronic Sign Manufacturer

Manufacturer of electronic messaging systems,
for outdoor and indoor LED signs and LED displays,
moving message boards, variable message signs, digital signs
electronic signs, Retail Signs and message centers

rear projection screens

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Manufacturer of quality LED signs near Tampa Florida
Electronic Sign manufacturer near Tampa, Florida

Electronic Display manufacturer near Tampa, Florida
Rental Sign manufacturer near Tampa, Florida
outdoor Video Truck Display SALES & RENTALS

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June 11 - July 11
Video Screens Inc. -Florida -based international video screen manufacturer management consulting firm, Scoreboard Manufacturer and sign manufacturer and Media player Software Developer.
Trade show screens
Store Fixtures
Visual Merchandising curved screens provides a unique blend of video Scoreboard, Video screens, projection screens, video systems, Globes, Sphere displays consulting services and promotional products in two distinct business areas:


curved screen

Car sign

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The Firm specialize in futuristic development of video screen techniques in building and improving video projection screen, Electronic Signs, Digit Signs, Globe Domes, signs technology techniques, pns, erformance, and videol Signs, Retail Signs, screen broadcasting capabilities.

globe domes

Sales of High-End video projection screen systems, Staging/Rentals of video screens system, video scoreboards, LED scoreboards and outdoor matrix message displays.. 

Store Front Signs..Retail Signs

manufactured in Tarpon Springs, Fl

projection screens projection screens

VIDEO SCREENS DEVELOPMENT Development Division provides training and manufacturing of custom design services for
Video Projection screens
Retail Display Screens
Retail Advertising Signs
Store Front signs
Digit Signs
Advertising Signs
Vinyl Screens
video screens and displays
Full LED video scoreboards
Electronic Signs
Electronic Scoreboards
LED Scoreboards
Outdoor Mobile Video Displays
Globes - Spheres

Mobile advertising
Mobile Video Truck Advertising
Mobile Video Bus advertising
Globe Domes
Scoreboards, Scoreboard software
Big screens, Home theater
Flat screens, video screens of all sizes including curved screens. Using latest technology in LCD projectors and DLP projectors. Short throw lens technology projecting on 100" screen with only a 3 foot throw

curved screen with special software to give short throw distance technology .

• Training & conference

Manufacturing of Digital Signs

  The Promotion division of produces high end Mobile Advertising Display, Front projection screen systems Rear projection screen systems, Home theater, rear screens, LED Message displays and advertising signs.
Manufacturing Production Displays
Retail Advertising systems that generate revenue and our a
dvanced projection screen technology. Used in Sports bars, sports arenas, retail advertising, concerts, churches, and real estate.
LED displays also available

Rear Projection Screen Applications
• Stores and shopping malls
Advertising displays curved screens
• AV rentals and staging

Globe Domes now Available

........LEASING plans available


• Hotels and resorts
• Restaurants & casinos
• Sports Bars & arenas
• Trade shows & exhibits
Mobile Advertising Trucks

Globe Domes
• 3-D displays
Specialty screens can be shaped for:
• Curved displays•
• 360 degree

Digital signage
• Home theaters
• Arcade game box
• Mobile advertising

Underwater displays
• Supermarkets & airports

Digital Signs

• Showrooms & museums

curved screen projectors with built in processors

video screens

Video Screens Inc
1111 East Court St.
Tarpon Springs,Florida 34689
Office: 727 942-4868
Cell:    727-741-4868


L e a s i n g..P l a n s
Mobile Video Display Rental
Mobile Video Truck RENTAL

Video Screens Inc.

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