Curved Screens

360-7Super wide images with multi-LED cabinets  using one super server, Each flexible screen curves the  images. Controlled feather edge blending solutions and super-wide CURVED screen images on a 47-foorequest_a_quotet screen. Images on both sides with seamless custom aluminum support structure.   No longer need hardware solution to do wide screen technology...we have your solution! NovaStar technology Using any standard projector and standard lens we make throw distance problems go away by making an 8-foot wide screen only 5-foot throw distance. You select the number of projectors and our software automatically blends the images perfectly, horizontally as well as vertically. Warp imaging Mapping software:
  • You select the number of projectors
  • Horizontal or vertical imaging
  • Unlimited number of input cameras
  • Unlimited number of video devices
  • Unlimited number of overlays
  • Midi controlled keyboard
  • Programmable media at the push a button
High-end video on a curved screen. We took a standard 4:3 movie and placed it on our custom curved screen at 16:9 format using our special software. We have ability to have close distance using multiple projectors. 25-foot wide display with only an 8-foot throw distance. Video Screens, Inc. is the only known company that changes pixel by pixel to get the best resolution possible in software. We provide the solutions for Creative Entertainment. 90-degree screens, 180-degree screens and 360-degree screens:
  • 360-degree viewing Angle
  • High Contrast High Gain and Curved screens
  • Curved screens for sports presentation, scoreboards, and concerts where 180 and 360-degree cinema viewing is required...big screens
  • Gain of 7.5-wide screen
  • Big screens have curved frames
  • Only with our special silicon chip processor can this technology be achieved
  • Rear Screens can be curved in or curved out
  • Touch screen technology available
80-Degree Curved Screens:
  • Depending on circle size needed, we can make 180 or 360-tube rear screens
  • Using a single projector for 180 degrees and three projectors for 360-degrees
  • Our special video processors make the images sharp clear and NOT distorted
  • Multi-Plex Panels to make 360-degree wider screens to 300-inch big screen diameter for sports scoreboards, sports video displays and Advertising
  • Larger Profile Casino, Home theater, Concerts, DLP Projector
  • Effective wide movie screens
  • Metal Frames come 2-inch wide, custom sizes available
  • Sporting Events,  Mall Advertising Media, Advertising Air Ports
  • Sports Scoreboards
  • Cinema, Home entertainment, Video games , Casino Advertising Display
  • Outstanding color reproduction
  • High definition curved screens Single projector and dual projector systems
  • Show single or multiple sports events on this curved screen along side advertising
  • Curved Screens Available Sizes: 10'x76" ,12'x76", 10'x20'

Curved Screens Photo Gallery

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