Our Mobile Video Advertising Software comes with Scaler/Switcher and full turn key host broadcast services including 8 real-time preview windows and 9 preset functions. LIVE streaming of events using high end wireless technology. mediaX1 request_a_quote LED, LCD, Projection Outdoor Video Media Display Software includes an ALL in 1 Super Powerful Media Server. The Out Door Mobile Media Advertising Screens needs great software and is customized to meet your needs. Our custom software offers you a live real-time preview before you send to screen. You can Watch previews, stop previews and get ready to send to screen with an instant switch from one preview to the next instantly. You can see what you have on preview before it goes up on big screen. Great Hardware begins with great Software. Designed to be easy to use, flexible and carries a lot of features. We are happy to announce that Media Player Software called MEDIAX, our latest media server software, is now available. Announced at the ISA Show in Las Vegas, 0ur users have provided us with tremendously positive feedback, and we feel confident that MEDIAX will become a top choice for video technology Entertainment and Sign Systems leaders using LED and LCD. Works well with other software products like FinishLynx, Hy-Teck Meet Manager and Scoreboards-US Sports Scoreboard Software. Also we use NOVASTAR TB3 and TB6 controller boxes and VIPLEX software. Real-time Functions include 8 real-time live previewing windows for your LED Video Advertising Display. Real-time resizing of screens different resolutions and different size screens at the click of a button. Input device has default Resolutions or you can simply select the custom resolution of your input device. mediaXmediaPlayer1   MediaZinputdevice-3   MediaX TEXT
  • MediaX TEXT Feature Edit text you want to appear on screen
  • Select Font
  • Select Color
  • Select Background
  • Select Size
  • Select Position
  • All Done in Real-Time 
  • Move Slider to Selected Color and  Color Instantly Changes
Network Media Player Plays Stills + Video in same folders. Media Folder select folder that has still pictures and videos. R for READ, P for PLAY and S for STOP. Full-service mobile advertising & broadcasting. Time can run every picture by time software or run every video by time or until ends. Folder everything in folder loops when completed. MediaXMediaplayer3                            MediaXText2
  • Edit box with either 1, 2 or 3 lines of text
  • Select Font
  • Select Left, Center or Right
  • Normal, Bold or Italic
  • Mouse over any area and shows meaning of button
MediaZinput device-3Media Device Input gives 3 default resolutions as your selection as well as you dial your own personal resolution. Deinterlacing option and frame rate input indicator. Mediax5names These templates shows selections from different camera platforms. Progressive scan or interlace, different camera resolutions, change in real-time mode, brightness, contrast and saturation. Select input media S-Video composite, component, DVI, HDMI, FIREWIRE. Better meaning with individual ID naming each input name you name  like camera 1 left side. 5 MEDIA Inputs including any combination of cameras, DVD or satellite dish solution. Internet input allows you to select your WWW location, Intranet location or run ANY external programs. Run VR programs for outside training INPUT 1920 x 1080 resolution. Output to LED or LCD same picture or different picture and output same resolution or different resolution. Work Space gives 9 default presets. FULL STUDIO SETUP. MediaxInputdevice-4                                         Mediax_system1 Optimized Windows OS, 30 to 60 FPS, 1 stream, 2 stream, system speed depends on hardware. Multiple HD video cards. *Out Door mobile Advertising Rear Video screens can be tailored for individualized needs. request_a_quote

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