79ce0e9d-da43-48f5-95a3-65fa402812cbCustom Designs are FREE. LED Basketball scoreboard models and other electronic scoreboard models come with our standard RF, radio frequency, wireless scoreboard color controller, no extra wiring to worry about No Extra Cost. When 120-volt power is a problem, choose our battery power scoreboard and wireless controller. We use PDA and PC wireless controllers for ease of use and compactness. LED Digits-- FULL 10-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch Ht LED 7- segment digits are machine soldered, Surface mounted, displaying three rows of LED's (over 200 LED's per segment) for a wider looking digits (over 150 degree viewing) . Wide viewing angle. NEW LED's are 150-degree viewing angle click here to see samples. LED Basketball scoreboard LED DYE is made for 10-years life with SAME brightness level Some companies use DYE for 5-year same brightness level. There is a 5a4be694-b0b8-4dee-a2a6-abf021718843difference in LED Life and Brightness levels. LED's usually advertise 100,000 hr life but what happens after a few years of life some LED's get dimmer OURS stay to their original brightness levels. Sponsor Panels--Wireless Basketball Scoreboard Sponsor panels may be any size and can added to any side of the scoreboard. Us this advertising option and help pay for your scoreboard. Powder Coating Finish--The finishing touches of our LED scoreboard comes with our unique framing design, and quality powder coating. We can supply special powder coating color for your electronic basketball scoreboard. Custom logos for the electronic scoreboard model can be made from your artwork or use our expert graphic designers for that custom design. All of our basketball scoreboard models are made with quality wide angle LED digits, last over 100,000 hours, are inexpensive to power, and easily to seen, even in direct sunlight. Powder coating finishes. Our standard wireless hand held color controllers are rugged and easy to use. Our LED Scoreboard system is configured so we just plug and play. Quality - Engineering - High Tech - Ease of use - Maintenance free scoreboards Check out our new Projection Electronic Basketball scoreboard that you design...and change real time....make daily changes on how the scoreboard works and looks , choice of colors... digit size (10 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch) and logs.

Basketball Scoreboards

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