Trucks & Trailer Rentals

Rentals can be configured for day rental, week rental month rental We have custom financing available for those looking to start up a LED advertising business. We have LED advertising systems available in New Port Richey Florida, Washington DC, Oklahoma. In New Port Richey, we have a 30-ft custom truck equipped with 20-foot air conditioned studio with dual monitors and a video procession system to view 8 different video inputs. P-10 resolution 13-feet x 9-feet screen with hydraulics that raise the screen up to 20-feet. System comes with self-containing quite diesel generator. Trailer rentals in New Port Richey, Florida. Three trailers with P-10 resolution. Screen size is 7-feet x 10-feet with raising system. In Washington DC we have a high-end 40-foot trailer with rotating hydraulic screen P-10 resolution screen size 16-feet x 9-feet with self containing diesel generator with full video broadcasting software server. In Oklahoma we have two high-end video trucks with P-10 resolution and P-6.5 resolution. Our prices range depending on your requirements. Something as simple as just loading pre-recorded video files to run in a loop. Video system available to supply satellite dish broadcasting, supplies full camera mixing and live Internet streaming.  

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